The sixth principle of Connectivism

Siemens (2005) stated that one of the principles in connectivism is the ability to see connections between fields, ideas, and concepts is a core skill. As learners started to build upon on each idea, it is essential for the learners to look through with new perspectives and see the connections between fields and ideas. Based on this principle, learners are expected to become more active participants in their learning. By making sense of the numerous connections, learners will need to learn to see the bigger picture or context and that may allow them to create new knowledge.  

For example, a science teacher is giving lecture at the front in the computer lab. One of the learner interrupt his lecture and correct him based on the new information the learner gotten from some searches on the internet. Even though one may think that the teacher would be angry as the learner seems like trying to discredit his lecture, in fact the teacher is okay with it as this shows that the learner is paying attention and use the access that is available to him to re-check the fact and get the up-to-date knowledge. This shows that the learner managed to see the connections between the teacher and the information on the internet and become and active learner instead of being passive and hanging on the teacher’s every word.

I think it is important for the learners nowadays to gain the ability to seek and making connections on the things that they want to learn. Long gone is the time where teacher is the sole provider of knowledge and everything is spoon-fed to the learners. Learners need to become more active in learning and teachers could help by providing guidance and act as a facilitator. Technology is there to stay and whether you want it or not, learning will go in parallel of the improvement of technology. But one needs to remember, it’s not about the technology and but more on how we as the users learn to use, integrate, and adapt to the ever-changing development of the technology.

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